Martin Michalowski - Web Information Specialist

Recently, there has been a lot of talk about information overload, also referred to as digital pollution. Before the internet, most of the global knowledge was either on paper or registered in people's minds. Today, virtually all forms of information is present at our fingertips. More new data is being added every second. New or existing databases become available online every minute.

How do you tap into this global consciousness of humankind? Let's face it, it can take hours to find exactly what you want, and that's if you're looking at the right place. And what about the information that you haven't found? This is where I step in.

I specialize in techniques to filter through such overwhelming amounts of data and retrieve what matters most. As a former military officer I pride myself on being disciplined, rigorous, as well as innovative, which in turn enables me to carry out my duties efficiently. Want to know more about a certain topic being discussed out there? I generate concise reports which are relevant, organized and easy to read.

Or, how about being alerted real-time when specific information is updated or posted on the web. I'm experienced in C#, VB.NET, Visual Basic, VBA, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, XHTML, XML, CSS, ASP.NET, AJAX and JavaScript. I design custom Windows applications and specialized software for data monitoring, retrieval, and storage. I can help your organization by automating various tasks which are now manual.

Should you wish to contact me for a freelance assignment please send your email to m.a.r.t.i.n.m.i.c at yahoo dot com (without the dots). Whether it's a research task or a software project, you can rest assured I will deliver high quality, affordable solutions on time.

Martin Michalowski

Martin Michalowski
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